Docker to Linux

This project allows one to make a bootable Linux disk image from a Dockerfile. It was meant to be a just for fun educational thing but turned out to have some real-world use cases. Read more about the technique in this post of mine.

Conman - [the] container manager

The aim of the project is to implement yet another container manager. Just like Docker but way more lightweight. Primarily, for the sake of [self-]education. The conman project is heavily inspired by cri-o and the ultimate goal was to make it Kubernetes CRI-compatible. Check out this series of articles for more.

Shimmy - simplistic container runtime shim

Shimmy is a simplistic shim between a container manager and a container runtime. It's a low-level piece of system software written in Rust. It started as part of the conman project with the goal to simplify programmatic use of runc (low-level container runtime) from the higher-level container manager.

How to use Flask with gevent (tutorial)

This project collects a bunch of scenarios (in form of docker-compose files) showing various ways how to run an asynchronous Flask application with gevent. You can find the comparison of the options here.

Fully-functional Event Loop in 100 lines of Python

Well, it's a fully-functional event loop implementation in 100 lines of plain Python (no advanced language features are used). I find it super-helpful to explain the programming model behind Node.js or alike environment. Check out this short series for more.

The Game of Life - written in C and compiled to WebAssembly

Conway's Game of Life written in pure C (with SDL2 for graphics) and then compiled to WebAssembly using emscripten. You can play in it online here.

Other projects

  • diskusage-ng - Node.js package to get disk usage information via OS built-ins. Windows, macOS, and Linux support. No dependencies. Suitable for server-side or Electron apps.
  • Producer-Consumer problem visualization - interactive HTML5 canvas demo.
  • cancharts - lightweight HTML5 canvas sunburst chart in vanilla JavaScript.
  • nim-2048 - console version of 2048 game written in Nim (a non-mainstream language).
  • popen2 - duplex popen() written in C.